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Dill Pickle Ketchup

$10.00 a Bott;e

Bacon Ketchup

$10.00 a Bottle

Garlicious Garlic Ketchup

$10.00 a Bottle

Smouldering Apparition

A Haunting Blend Of Smoked Ghost Peppers With Ontario Garlic And Onion.
Great For Seafood, BBQ and Chili or Soup.

Very Hot

$8.00 A Bottle

Smoked Black Molly

Black Molly
Heat Level: MILD

It's a sweet and tangy delight!

Black Molly will blow you away with her truly unique flavour! An unusual blend of red cayenne peppers and rich, thick fancy molasses from Canada's East Coast that's pretty darn amazing and very universal.. We've added fresh Ontario garlic and onion to enhance its flavour.

It really makes an amazing chicken wing sauce that will leave everyone wanting more! It's aged longer than any of our sauces and stands out among the rest.

Ingredients: Vinegar, fancy molasses, cayenne peppers, garlic, lemon juice, onion, sea salt.

                            10.00 a Bottle

RatG TV'S Blazin'' Geek Sauce

Smoked Ghost Peppers mixed with Garlic and Onion. Sweetened with a combination of Yellow Sugar,Vanilla Sugar and Pineapple.


$8.00 A Bottle

Crazy Date With Butch

A Crazy Date With Butch
Heat Level: MEDIUM
A first date you'll never forget...

Our original Crazy Date With Butch sauce. A spicy sweet garlic sauce that will rock your world! Fresh Ontario garlic and onion sweetened with luscious dates and brown sugar. It bursts out of the gate with an intense blast of garlic and rich, sweet dates and finishes with a sting caused by a generous helping of the famous Trinidad Butch T Scorpion pepper. This sauce is truly universal. We've seen it used on burgers, fries, salad, tacos, hummus, falafal and even as a veggie dip. This sauce is sure to delight even the pickiest of eaters and as always... we're not responsible for any intense addictions this may cause. Once you start it's tough to quit!

Ingredients: Vinegar, dates, garlic, yellow sugar, onion, sea salt, Butch T Scorpion peppers.

                         10.00 a Bottle

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